Some different thoughts in one post

  1. It’s about HWS rules book. @RexXxuS, don’t wanna tell long stories here, but I highly recommend you to start a list of precedents as addition to your rules. Just describe exactly what’s illegal and put a date on it. Because your rules are too general and can be interpreted in many ways. For example: “It illegal to kill NPC traders (16 april 2019)”. This list can be long and unsorted but i believe it will be helpful. People all around the world could read it and better understand your rules here. And i believe you could save your time in future with it.

  2. Next one is about automatic turret targeting

Where my turrets are firing? I guess they aiming BA stuff underground. So is it legal or what? Our HVs just can’t aim actual turrets on top of the tower now, they look down. So should we rebuild our towers and place some stuff underground? Anyway we need explanation from admins here.

  1. Here comes long part :slight_smile:
    Many people on HWS may wonder why OPG is not in alliance with RED anymore. I think I can tell. Its because of Hellblazer’s actions. Some time ago we caught him cheating on RU server called New Age (we got video evidence and server’s admin knows the situation). After some inner discussions we made an official statement to RED faction: “we (OPG) don’t want to be in alliance with Hellblazer”. Because in our opinion he use cheats, network software, manipulating UDP packets or whatever, we don’t know for sure but we saw result of it. RED totally ignored it and we didn’t received any answer or comment. At the start of new season Hellblazer was an active player in RED faction, so no alliance. No alliance means war in Empyrion. I have no idea about RED’s inner kitchen but i sure RED’s authorities perfectly know what, how and when Hellblazer doing. And they keep him covered. But in same time casual RED members might have no idea what’s going on around them.

And here comes Eton event, last time we saw that picture:

Very strange, we never saw something like this before. It started after Hellblazer moved around on his HV. Later i got very strange kill, “17 20:17 Kill Got 5 extra RP for killing Hellblazer”. Hellblazer’s HV was on north pole, completely disabled, surrounded by 4-5 guys, U-T also i guess. Hellblazer was online, we saw his green triangle on the map but guys couldn’t see him actually on ground. I flew there in a couple of minutes and saw Hellblazer like sitting in cockpit, but cockpit was destroyed and he was sitting in the air. I shot him with SV laser. Sorry, but no pics or video here.
Well, that person has zero trust from us right now for sure and i suggest you all to double check all his actions. Also @RexXxuS favorite tactics may be handy here - ban russian guy first, investigate later and unban him only after collecting all the information :rofl:

And couple of words about our unexpected alliance with U-T. First of all I should say our guys in OPG barely know english, i know it i bit better, so i can communicate with different people and represent OPG position if needed. We were ok to fight with RED. But they started the mass war. Just bring 15+ players on playfield and push by mass. SWP and even ABN (go home to NA btw, TAW awaits you :laughing: ) joined them, so its even more than 15 players sometimes. Rex kinda ignored our limitation suggestions for Eton event (instead lowering limits he broke event for 2 days :rofl: ), so we still can spawn literally tonnes of shit on playfield and die in lags. And i guess nobody liked that situation except RED. Ok, not we started it, but ok, let’s push with mass. OPG + U-T will easily crush RED + allies with pure mass here, as we did yesterday. But i’m not sure it’s a right way to make wars and events here, on HWS. So again, my limit suggestion for Eton:

0 BA
0 CV
5 HV class 1 per alliance (no spawn!)
5 SV class 1 per alliance (no spawn!)

Donno about exactly number 5… maybe 7 or 10, but for sure not 20! And no spawn is very important, cause its good protection again spawn spamming.

So guys, what do you think about all this?
P.S. if you like to discuss something you can pm me in discord ( -=Ice=-#1715 )


I agree with most of this. Besides instead of lowering limits on Eton the allies participating should get reward and access to Eton too. This way many small factions could team up in order to capture Eton.

  1. I agree there is a lot of gray area, linking rulings related to particular rule under it would help many people understand where is the border between legal and illegal actions.
  2. Your turrets are not firing because of underground decoys - or actually terrain blocking line of sight between your turret and nearest targetable element. Underlying principle is the same as in placing HV behind terrain and firing at base from elevated artillery - base turrets target nearest targetable device, but since firing line is blocked by terrain they cannot fire and don’t fire at all instead of firing at elevated artillery. Since the principle is the same and HV case is legit I’d say that using that in base design/placement is also legit. Eleon could fix this by making turrets target another device if line of sight to nearest device is obstructed.

Rex could make a new rule banning it, but I’d recommend against it since it’s very hard to draw a line here since for example placing a base in a hole would create the same effect, this could sometimes also happen unintended when someone is placing a base and terrain is not even. I don’t want Rex to waste his time dealing with accusations related to this, until Elon fix targeting we should get used to how it works.


I am accused of something here, I will answer well with counter accusations - 1 organized criminal group is sewn into CV Cannon Turrets armor, why does it work? Removed Minigun Turrets, Cannon Turrets and Gatling Gun from target system
It is not necessary to make any changes. in case they still do damage) 2. OPG and UT flying on CV can catch up with SV, is it a bug or is it legal? 3. ice you insult me ​​with obscenities in your video 4. To the question of other servers, about the new age, these are the words ice, he dumps through logistics and honestly admits that he deleted his posts, but I still have a screenshot of the proof. Rex check where the opg takes resources - they mine and craft, or dupe


This depends a lot on how you fly. If you fly straight a CV can’t catch you. If you fly in wierd paterns or circels they can.

There’s also a couple (Legal)tricks to get q bit closee, but a CV can’t completly catch up.


there is a way, I guessed your trick, and for the sake of the experiment I dispersed the CV to 500 m / s, in space ECC


Not much time currently. Few notes:

  1. what happened in the past or other server is not much I can see / proof / understand or relate to. I have a good contact to the NewAge Owner / Admins, so I have to talk to him about these accusations.

  2. Turret targeting is working like that so far. Not much we can do about it. Will let Eleon know about the bad ai mechanic though. They should seek for a valid target instead then.

  3. Don’t agree with a detailed rule book like the german law. We had it and it caused even more problems. Because even a comma caused some understanding issues.
    The ban for killing the trader was simple: he griefed other players. And griefing is against the rules. It is common sense.
    As everything: use common sense or at least ask before doing shady stuff.
    “Hey, is it ok to kill NPC Traders as a joke?”…

  4. I can’t judge on the Eton video because I only see glitched shots. Should not be possible of course but don’t have more clues. Best would be a video from Hellblazer about it at the same time.

  5. Eton limits are not forgotten but still not decided by everyone. A lot say no, some say yes. It has pros and cons and we need more input to find a good “middle”.
    I suggested myself less alliance structures.

  6. There is indeed an exploit at the moment to fly ultra fast with ships in space. I reproduced it and reported to Eleon. Only a video can proof the guilt though.

  7. @Jascha has to check if it’s possible to also allow alliances to stay on the captured planet.

More later, if I have more time after the commodity trading 2.0 patch.


I think algorithm should work more or less like that:

a) Get list of all targetable devices within turret’s range, order by distance ascending
b) Go through all elements of the list and if there is line of sight to target fire and complete algorithm, if not go to next element and repeat until there are no targetable devices left.

Problem is that what’s common sense for you might not be for someone else and other way round, terms like griefing can also be understood very differently even if someone has no intention to go around the rules.

Since proper detailed rules like german law might be hard to create given current state of the game I think rules/judgement system like US law would be better here so:
a) You have general rules which say what is ok and what is not - I think it could be a bit more detailed than it is right now, but not much more - for example instead of writing " 2.1 Do not grief!" I’d write a definition of griefing there.

b) Every time you make a precedent judgement related to particular rule you could link it under that rule so for example if there is rule “No exploits” everyone viewing it could see past cases and rulings to get a better knowledge of what you considered an exploit and what not.

Nice :slight_smile:


0 BA
1 CV 150 blocks for drop garage HV (and a very strong punishment for trying to “drop” CV CL 1+ on a planet without a core, so that it would interfere.)
10 HV (5+5) class 1 per alliance (spawn)
6 SV (3+3) class 1 per alliance (spawn)

The ban on spam HV inside the buildings of Metropolis, it is already prohibited by the rules that are often ignored.
“The rule of common sense”

The reward for the entire alliance, only if they visited the ETON system, and not just “registered and stayed at home”


I don’t really see this as an issue. If you were able to capture the metropolis you’d place them, and so do we. Infact i’m pretty sure Paxxo was one of them who convinced RexXxuS into ignoring the rule on Eton.


We are talking about installing HV, inside, until the moment of capture. Those. when metropolis still belongs to the server. Why put them there when you are so much more?


Because when it isn’t captured yet, it makes it harder for the enemy to get in, because the POI is indestructible, which if you ask me is simple strategy.


Here is a talk about Metropolis structure. Which is destructuble, you can level it to the ground.

Still, spawning or building HV/SV inside POI (or in this case) Metropolis should not be allowed.

Why. As much as we have fun by fighting with HV and SV around tower. Why not make small arms fight inside tower for capturing. Like FPS event just actuall “on foot” fighting with small arms. I think that would be interesting. Since in this game “on foot” fighting is forgoten since it came out.


This is 100% BS, cause Rex should know how easily his limits can be abused and almost every faction do it every day. So 0 CV and no CV spawn at all here. Otherwise RED will be the first, who spam playfiled with 7 class CV bricks without a core. This is unacceptable at all. If you wanna bring garage HV to Eton so much - drop them from space, CVs are allowed there.

And I suggest one more time - no spawn at all on Eton. No HVs inside Metropolis, no spawn addition 10 HVs somewhere far from Metropolis, no abusing limits. SVs and HVs can be easily delivered from Eton space. This scheme have to be more playable for sure, cause no spawn spamming.