Some help for those that are not prepared for 6.0 :]

Hey! 6.0 now brings with it many more challenges and to help the newer players out a bit I’v made some ships that will hopefully fit quite well into the 6.0 play style with pressure and heat protection as well as a docking system that allows the pilot to move between Sv/Hv and Cv without passing through dangerous atmosphere. They are cheap, efficient and good for exploration.

CV - Dropship - Stratos

Class 1 Cheap CV Able to hover in atmospheres for hours at a time for planetary raids, Automation systems as well as a power saving mode (activated by a switch) that reduces all engine use to minimal needed to stay a float as well as removing heat for crew.

SV - Scout - Howl

Class 1 Cheap SV very mbile with decent frontal Armour, has top docking.

HV - Driller - Breaze

Class 1 Cheap HV very Mobile with everything you need to mine the planet and get out, has top docking. The hv is a little short to dock with the Dropship, but you can still dock by aligning your self then holding shift and pressing space to use the boost.

HV - Assualt - Gust

Class 1 Cheap HV very mobile with decent armour and anti air against SV’s, has underside arty for base assault and top docking so it can be attached to the Dropship. If you need to aim the arty higher into the air to hit tall towers use control + o to lock your angle allowing your arty to hit higher up targets.

Hope you like them :]


You sir are awesome! Can’t wait to get home and check these out.

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Great work @Kogami :slight_smile:

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Oh… Not bad. Just looking for some low-lvl HVs.gj man!

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Good job, good initiative. I wonder if I’m allowed to link my ships in this thread.

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Go for it, would make it easier for people.

good job kogami