Some NPC, for headhunter list )

This is idea, I got from Pirates :smiley:

Create some NPC space station (or HWS-Connect command), that will take orders on some Pirates head. And people, could rise prise for this by themself.

For Example:
Some guys, got killed by Sanchous or Raiden or by some other Pirates, and wonna get revenge. They create this order, and put some credits as prise for it. And after, all we need - just kill target and get our money :slight_smile: Some guys from SWP, could even give own money on such orders, for their heads :smile: Ye ye, they wonna fun, but they could even pay, if some one need some MORE motivation to go to fight with them…

So what do u think about this?

(As for me, this will create some more instruments for hunter-factions, to realize their LOR in HWS)

Maybe i’m being dumb but i have no idea what this means lol :open_mouth:

This mean:

We need the INSTRUMENT - to make headhunter role-play real. Some kind of system-menu, to make orders for hunters, and some reward for those orders. And this reward could be risen by other players, that make this order more interesting for more players.

For now, our online come lower and lower. And more people leave us, or put all they had in OCD and w8 for wipe. No more mass PvP-fun or something like that.

(Pirates said, that they could even PAY people, for fights with them :smiley: )