Some thoughts on alliances

Being shot at by allies of allies -_- so atm i’m in a situation where i cannot move with my allies, I cannot build with my allies nore mine the resources becuase allies of allies that i’m not allowed to shoot are blocking the area with their turrets, lost a hv and sv atm and can only sit here and wait for these people to log on… the way factions work now is just not working i suggest alliances where a faction starts an Alliance and invites others to it. New factions joining those alliances automatically ally with everyone else in that alliance, this setup will make a lot more sense than current… and a lot less fustrating… and it also removes the exploit swp used when we built next to thrannir and blackwing and swp being allied to them could fly over our weakest point and just blow up our base from behind… Just my thoughts in this time of anouyance…(more dots…)

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Take a private CV and blow them up, after all they are not your allies anyway, or let private hover on the ground and warn your allies not to go over it due to hover.

Nothing like the good old policy of the good neighbor …

The problem is if i take them out that’s less defense’s overall stopping enemies from attacking everyone and my own allies might un-ally me for going against the group, also I don’t like killing offline people -- although they havnt logged in, in like 2 and a half days now and its getting really annoying --.

Well 6.0 is close, get ready and in time to get revenge and kick some unsuspecting retards …

And stay away and watch the circus catch fire and the clown come out screaming on the stage …kkkk

Want to see something cool take a hover, let private or not, shoot away from the range on a base here and there and quietly step out and watch the magic of war happen and the fire spread …

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