Somebody dug around and under my base so it is floating in air (PVE planet)

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:

Somebody dug around and under my base so it is floating in air. I had to build a bridge to get inn, and im afraid it will collaps if I try to build on it.

Player(s) with issue:

Draxx and faction BRØ (Brødskive)



Time (cb:time):

Must have happened during night or before I loged on to day between 26/3 and 27/7 before 1700.


Freelancer HQ

Structure Name(s):

The Retreat III

Structure ID(s):


How can we help you now:

Restore terrain and punish whoever did this.

Hello and welcome @Draxx

You have no clue who it might be?
With some effort I can find it out I think.

I really have no clue…im pretty new on this server so I didnt even have time to make any enemies :slight_smile:

The faction “Fac” was it.

They all got punished heavily and next time banned.

to fix the terrain… it isn’t so easy… only a hard terrain wipe would bring that back. Not even the friday terrain wipe can fix this. Best would be a new location to settle, so the current one can regenerate on friday.

Ok i understand. Good thing you found out at least. Can I get the base recycled or something so I can settle somewhere else?

I rather thought about just moving it for now

Is a guy named Lukas member of FACby any chance? I also notice they have a quite offensive faction name


Doesnt ring a bell…I guess they just happened by my base.

The time I lost for that crap here and couldn’t implement the planned Commodity Trader 2.0 + Mission Dealer + a bad day in general will get them banned instantly next time they do the single mistake.

Glad you finally reported this :stuck_out_tongue: I said rex would find out who did it eh :stuck_out_tongue:

will keep an eye on them ty boss

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