Something fishy is goin on

Ok someone is attacking my base, someone named Rexxus who may be an admin abusing power. I was in the middle of killing him suddenly server shut down he also was wearing our faction tag.

As soon as I the server is back up I will hopefully get to the bottom of this.

I’ll vote for Prison. I heard Rexxus used his power before to create a whole universe… thats definetly abuse xD
Rexxus to prison!

Seriously? How long do you play on the server?
If rex appeared close to you then he checked something in your faction. But he does not “attack” anything since we are not playing. Does not really make sence
And server restart was due to patch…

Rather it was you going around rules with underground turrets.

But i like this thread… :slight_smile:

I knew Rex was secretly a pirate :laughing:

As I said: if anyone building SO MANY underground turrets again I won’t be so gentle again and remove them with the multi tool. I will just destroy your base.
If you can’t read rule 1 we have to train you regarding this.


Ok I admit we placed a few player turrets in the terrain, I am guilty of that and I am talking 2 player turrets. The flak cannon was placed earlier by Wortch as we were being attacked(flak turrets don,t work under lava.). I will go through and make sure all turrets are visible.

The rest of our guns should be legit

Sorry to Rexxus did not mean the admin abuse.

I also want state the purpose of this base. The base was created as a challenge for players such as Thanir who made it inside.(Congrats)

Like I said we will go through the base and remove any offending turrets that are in the terrain. However if we dig a hole and place a turret that should be legit as long as it is visible. Also our core is well hidden and legit, we have turrets that are underground but they are in areas that we dug out and our not hidden in the terrain.

We are planning to do events on this planet as it is a very difficult planet with the lava and such. One event we are planning is an Arena over lava where players use only multi tools to take out blocks from under opponents to cause them to fall in the lava.

So we are not here to grief or cause trouble simply wanna add more to the game because we like playing it, and we especially like playing on this server.

So hopefully no hard feeling and we can continue having a good time,

Thank You

Thanks for clarification Zig.
There was already a discussion about it and I tried to make it clear here:

Have fun

hehe sorry i raided that base earlier, i can understand you need to protect yourself, but underground turrets wont stop the mighty Thranir! :slight_smile:

Sorry about this, I know about Rule 1 and why underground turrets aren’t allowed. I was offline when those underground turrets were placed (I didn’t place that flak turret mentioned previously), otherwise I would have removed them myself.

Like Zip said, we’re not here to cause trouble and promise our turret placement from here on out will be legit : )

No problem.

thanks a lot for your reply and for your calm reaction. We also appreciate if you try to make some events, people will love you for that :wink: