Something stange about the new patch

Hey guys something weird is happening to my game, it keeps getting slower and slower over time, I took a look at resource monitor and this is what im getting:

Not sure if this is normal O_o , doubt it. If anyone has a solution im all ears.

The mem usage by empyrion, chrome etc look normal but why do you have 8 Gb ‘hardware reserved’? RAM drive or something? My empyrion mem usage is actually significantly higher at 3-4 Gb. Will check my hard fault count next time im in game.

How is your CPU usage? It would also be beneficial to post your system specs.

Meh somehow my windows 7 went from ultimate to home and home is limited to 8gig -_- don’t know how it happend but it’s anouying lol… got empyrion working now think its just the ram had to lower settings drastically but can still play.

That depends on which version of Windows Home. Home Basic is 8Gb limited as you say but Home Premium is 16Gb limited. I use the latter and can confirm that its all usable. In your situation you’ll likely see a performance impovement if you dont have skype and Chrome up at the same time - assuming of course that they are not open for game related activities.

edit: Assuming 64 bit system.

Home basic and yea 64 bit

One further suggestion might be to try running CPUCores from within Steam. I’ve not used it myself but I believe it turns off all non-essential windows processes. Primarily it will assist your CPU but it should free up some associated memory too. Might be worth a try.

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Thank you will try it

Very weird. When I check I dont have more then 64MB for Hardware reserved.

Total used by this game after a few hours is about 4gyg. Only issue with game really is that it makes my CPU run very hot. :frowning: Time to get a new laptop :slight_smile: