Spalsh screen when i finished loading

now when I try to reconnect after loading im stuck at empyrion splash screen typically where you would load in after message awaiting server approval. I can hear in game chimes etc but only see the horizon splash screen. In previous days before becoming a freelancer would rarely get disconnected from game since freelancer its all the time. Connected to another server just fine aswell as single player. I am only stuck loading into HWS.

Tonight I have the same issue. I cannot log in to EU server, stuck at the planet splash screen. Lots of people on server (around120). My GPU is maxed out.

I can load single player games. Issue only happen tonight- yesterday was OK. Perhaps the latest patch may not be helping.

I have sent screen shot and logfiles in a support email to Eleon.

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Just experienced myself and asking Eleon… couple exceptions in the playfield log…

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what can i do now ?

  1. I warped you to the planet. Maybe it helps.
  2. Wait for Eleon to fix it

thank you very much

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