Spawned 2 CVs.... nothing

Hi, today , something like 1 or 2 hours ago i tried to spawn 2 CVs, i got the message ingame saying created new CV, but nothing, ships are not there, even after delog/relog
the 2 CVs were 30k iron each, so no big loss (only for combat blocks ) but i have 3 pvp CVs in factory ready to spawn and i’m afraid it will do the same, so if you could check what is happening with me it wil help alot, thx in advance.

i joint the logs here :

i got no logs it seems
but i can send my BPproducts directory in 7zip

Hey thanks,

sadly we are still hunting for ghosts here. But it happens to often now.
You remember anything of that time?
Lags/Server full or not?/BP Size/Planet or Orbit
Anything that could help us track it down further?

it was this night on EU ( so server was 30ppl at much ) Neptune Orbit BP size was 2 or 3 (i must confirm this after server restart )
tried to spawn it on single player, no problem.

edit: BP size is class3

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