srvNoPermission punishment

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What happened:

10 17:45 Punished for trying to use restricted console commands second time. 10% RP and credits lost.
10 17:30 Punished (kicked) for trying to use restricted console commands first time

Player(s) with issue:
=> imtimex

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 10 March 2019 17:59

=> N/A

Structure Name(s):
=> N/A

Structure ID(s):
=> N/A

How can we help you now:

I just lost 10% RP and 10% credits, got booted earlier…I spend (like many) hours building/testing and that is usually also doing things like turning off weather/using destroy, muscle memory… so it will happen that I instinctively destroy, etc. If I get srvnopermission I say “oh, oops”, and move on. It will happen accidentally again, and almost noone who does this accidentally will have bad intentions.

I dunno if you have a problem with people actually making them work but I’d think no permission is plenty.

I don’t particularly care if the RP/Credits are refunded, I want to point out that while bouncing between test servers and HWS I may try to destroy using console or turn off an annoyance like I usually would before realizing I can’t by getting ‘srvNoPermission’. I think that is enough and that the punishment system is a little ridiculous and should be adjusted to the default of telling you ‘you cannot do that’, there’s really no need to punish someone for causing no harm.

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Sorry for the inconveniences @imtimex

We had one guy who were able to do bad things with console commands.
I reported it to Eleon and they fix it with Alpha 10.
That is just a very very pro-active counter help against such bad things.

But as always with automatic stuff, it might hurt the wrong players sometimes.
In your case it was just one time a typo and is blocked by the server anyways.


I refunded it for now.

Ouch. Exploiters making it hard for everyone else!

I understand and will try to be more careful. Thanks RexXxuS.


We will change it for the next season to a perma kick and get special notifications in the backend about such users.
And only ban, if a command came through which should really not (like the dm command which triggered the whole feature)

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