Stack size adjustment suggestion


I would like to suggest a few stack size adjustments, just based on personal preference:

Explosive Device 10 -> 50
Emergency Rations 100 -> 1000
Rocket Launcher Missile 50 -> 100
Furnace 100 -> 1000
RCS (All Types) 100 -> 1000
Multi Charge 50 -> 1000
Drill Charge 50 -> 1000
Spoiled Food 100 -> 1000
Guns/Turrets 6 -> 50
Fuel Tank 50 -> 100
Thrusters (All Types) 100 -> 1000
Artillery Shell HV 100 -> 500 (or 1000?)

Main reason for posting is QoL for myself, with 94 cargo boxes in my base, then an ammo ship, then an additional cargo hauler, it’d be nice to condense some more of that. If not possible, OK. I’m a packrat and having more boxes of piles of stuff is natural anyway.

There may be more others may wish to suggest to adjust or may not even like my suggestions - that’s just fine, these are just the items which have annoyed me.

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Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:
It’s actually not as easy as it seems to just edit the Config.ecf. I mean if we would have enabled the Volume System, I would set all stack sizes to 100000 and call it the day. You have to take care how much is possible in your inventory / structure.
But since HWS maybe never have it enabled the stack size is for now our little “immersion” gameplay.

QoL vs Gameplay / Immersion… tricky topic, no?

Ammo for example. If you have 1000 HV Artillery Shells in your Ammo Box you have one thing less to care about, rebuilding your HVs rather in protecting your ammo box even more.
But a gameplay element of retreating and re-ammo the HV would be canceled which create sometimes maybe good initiative attack rushs?

Then we have the HWS NPC Trader. I would have to adapt all prices regarding the stack sizes again to not make them insane overpowered versus the Marketplace prices/quantity.

It has for sure pros and cons I would like to get more input :slight_smile:
Overall that is the reason why I would like the Volume System enabled but because of fa:supply, OCD, OAM, etc. it would be very dangerous…