Starflier Stuck on Auxilio City

Hello TheMadDabber here, just looking for any admin that can help me out with a factioned ship that i have stuck in elemental marketplace, The Ship is one of the HWS garage ships so I didnt jut wanna try to tear it down, the ships name is Dabs Starflier and I believe the ID is 20528007. It almost seems like the CV is docked onto auxilio city, but its a little bit underneath the city, thanks in advance -Dabber

Hey dab get close to the ship and try the cb:getshipdown: ships I’d command it should move the CV to a space with non colideables :slight_smile:

Let me know if it has still a problem.
If its docked then it needs to be undocked first. If you cant do that let me kow and we do it ingame.

Yeah, I tried to use the getshipdown command but nothing worked. The message I get when im in the ship and try to fly it is something like “everyone must leave the docked vehicle in order to fly” I think. Hopefully I can get it out of there so were not being taxed too much longer, thanks for the reply. -TheMadDabber

I can repay you the tax… I try to find the problem later today.

I had to destroy it. @RexXxuS will take care for it later.

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