Starter planet AM problem

So we had a new member chased off starter planet last week from the admin “errowid” But i get sen’t this from a new player.

Why is RAT faction the focal point of admins ? Old players return to starter planet all the time yet we can’t have a new member start there ?

Can you remove the AM

New players can get T3 autominers < 60 minutes. They could be legit.

You should be allowed to stay on the starter planet forever as long as you never leave it regardless of autominers and fleet size. But it seems that now once you get a decent fleet/size or spend enough time there they will just ‘ask’ you to move on or face severe penalties.

But a lot of people were just docking huge fleets in starter planets to dodge taxes and were automining there in a massive scale and nothing was really done about it for a long time. Now at least they do. But perhaps a bit too much now. They should investigate more before giving out warnings/threats.