Starter Wipe Rotation System (fair for all Timezones)

Hello Admins,

Would it be possible to introduce a rotation system (weekly +8 hours for example) at the weekly server reset for starter systems? Fridays at 9 o’clock is for many from the CET a time where one is mostly at the workplace. At midday most of the ore deposits are gone.

But starter systems are intended for starters. And for starters meteorites are better than deposits anyway.


we had this discussion already.
For you it is a bad time, but for other europeans it is a good time. The world is a sphere :wink:

The true intention behind it is

  1. no prime time for any timezone almost
  2. excitement for people coming home from work
  3. reward for early birds

this is not a problem about the time. It is about the veterans coming along and stealing all the fun on new people. They don’t belong to there and very soon we implement a feature which will enforce this brutally.

Check posts soon like “Can I get my ship back please”?

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will that have a warning period? im assuming it would include orbit too? when should we pop corn? :popcorn:

oh, also, re

For you it is a bad time, but for other europeans it is a good time. The world is a sphere :wink:/>

What about the NA server? just playing devils advocate as im one of those formentioned early birds, but shouln’t na cater to NA and EU to EU?

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[quote=“hopskotch, post:4, topic:3569”]
will that have a warning period?
[/quote]I hope not. They should be semi-punished anyway for their abuse and making lives harder for newbies by raiding their POI’s. Only exception being the players who specifically & actively help newbies.

Yeah that’s where i’ll be caught. On my first week here, i started and found it very difficult to even do anything on starter – I considered quitting the server. I happened to get helped by Shadinaxx who got me a couple resources to get started with after i lost all my starter resources… Later that week, i ran into Arctic Fox who helped me raid a POI and get an Epic.

Thats the reason im still at Trader. I havent mined a met or a raided a POI since my first week - But its a great place to pop in and help newbies get off starter before wipe in between doing the REST of the game that i also enjoy (which includes mining, dying and even the odd pew pew).
If the team is doing something to make the newbie game better though, that may be why they dont want us on starter anymore. We’ll have to see if that replaces good old fashioned teamwork and relationship building.

– the one risk to kicking everyone off starters is that noobs wont have any ambassadors to learn how to play the game on HWS… Maybe a need for designated “noob ambassadors” like Black Vortex with Axuilio and such…

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[quote=“hopskotch, post:6, topic:3569”]
I havent mined a met or a raided a POI since my first week
[/quote]I’m going off topic again here but that is also one of my problems (well not for starter but I have this everywhere else). Lack (or even complete absence) of meteorites + untouched POI’s and on top of that veterans raid the starter world…

When there is no alien-PVE left and no meteorites to farm and in 5.0 there are less planets for automining, they are more likely to return to starter planets. I know that Rexxxus counts on the good in people not to do that… But I never trusted in that, this is the internet after all.
Starter planets also have pretty much guaranteed autominer cores and such twice a week that sell pretty well to add to the incentive of ‘abuse’ while there is no punishment. Veterans ‘steal’ them before noobs can get them.

I think the admin can still allow a few ‘ambassadors’ and kick everybody else out automatically at some point but if we had to choose between either one, I’d say it’s better to disallow returning entirely.

I hope that you intend to enforce that in starter space as well. The number of factions parking their entire fleets in starter systems is ridiculous.


You know, its funny about AM cores… I’ve only been on the server for two+ week. I’ve bought 10 AM’s (not cores) from EM, and wlost some due to deaths, but i live quite fine on a dozen AM’s or so amassing huge amounts of resources (300k + ingots of each res) over time without abusing anything (IMO). I dont drill anything on starter. I dont know why you’d need many dozens of AM’s to enjoy and stay competitive (assuming it was leveled out and capped at a max AM count, for example). Yes in PVP, you lose them… You go buy more – make them easy to buy, even if expensive, from an NPC since you can only have X. I could get boo’d out of this thread for even suggesting that, but i honestly dont see how a majority of folks would signifantly suffer from a limit, especially with HWS AM’s. Just a rampant though while on the digression train. :wink:

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[quote=“hopskotch, post:9, topic:3569”]
I dont know why you’d need many dozens of AM’s to enjoy and stay competitive
[/quote]You only need like 20ish, not dozens. But they sell and guildies often need them as well. Alien POI’s drop them like candy but the problem is the respawn rate of POI’s + finding the respawned ones… Not worth the time looking for them it’s just too annoying.

In my opinion, there is currently missing gamecontent, which one only generated if it comes to conflicts between the individual players / factions. The gathering of resources is indeed good and beautiful and necessary, but on the other hand there must be a counterpole where the things are also consumed again. This invigorates the market (supply and demand) and provides entertainment.

The long-term search for POIs alone does not contribute to long-term employment.

It is a narrow degree between anarchy and a bustling player-designed online world. The art is to find the middle way so that all (PVP and PVE) come at your expense.

The only one with a certain number of RPs on planets may be for some yes quite great and I can imagine with it that the goal was the pressure on the starter planten to take out. This, however, restricts content and makes the game feel sluggish when you spend hours on hours trying to find action.

Im new to Empyrion and obviously been on the server to see only one wipe but I can tell you this. PVE players who are well established on the server reside on the new planets. As soon as a wipe is done they bring there decked out CV’s to the POI’s and pretty much within 10 mins all that is left is is just the salvagable blocks.

With the amount of players on the server I don’t think the server wipes starters enough. I think every fews days would be better.

That said, respawning NPC & bases should have been a default function in the game done by devs.

Surprised I’ve not came accross this thread until now,
I agree something should be done to prevent the vets continually coming back to starters. Maybe not entirely as there is also the ferrying on new players that vets are supposed to do to help new players off the planet, and I see this happen very seldom.
People are talking about the volume of AM’s required to get by, I use one AM an each type of deposit with the exception of promethium, I’ll place two down in this case, but I run a city the helps new players by providing supplies and vessels among various other things and in total I’ll place no more than ten, this provides more than enough. With all the updates and new things I (with support from other factions) have implemented over the last few days I only placed one am on an iron deposit, But I’ll have enough resources to run auxilio for the week without AM’s not to mention in the rush I left my survival constructors last week which were claimed by the wipe, these had the majority of auxilios resources being refined but as I said no more than ten am provides me with more than enough.
What we see happening on starter planets is greed and tax evasion from vets, it’s sad but it’s true would be unfair to say this was all vets however as other players do help new players.
I think only allowing supporter factions to return while other factions can bring one CV into the orbit for a maximum of say 20min this would allow them to descend to the planet in an sv and pick up the new player they are there to taxi, as let’s be honest this is the only reason a vet should return to starter.
I’ve had a great idea for a long time now to have some svs for assaulting POIs that new players can with aid from me use to assault and loot the pois on the starter, ofcourse I would only be there to provide support and wouldn’t take loot. This would give new players a change to A assault a poi and B do it within a group which may make it even more enjoyable for them :wink:

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Dunno if we can implement it for 5.1 without bigger changes but for 6.0 this whole starter returner drama is over.

Honestly, from what I have seen (each faction is differant, as people of like mindedness tend to pick the factions for a reason), the MAJOR issue with starter planet and POI’s and ore depositis, the problem is NOT the veterans returning. It’s 99% of the time a new player that doesnt read the website an wipes out every ore deposit, POI and then gripes about the scarcity.

Case in point, I came across a new player mining like a dairy farmer milking cows with 10 hands. I asked them to please leave 10% in the deposit. Nothing. Deposit popped, new player leaves for another. I follow, and offer to make a T3 autominer for them, if they leave the deposit with at least 10%. No response.

They then board up into their hideous CV and fly into pirate territory, an get (guess what?) nuked. Then they cry about the warp distances. They get told to read the website.

Rinse, repeat, ad nausea.

Veterans comes by, offer advise, leave old ship designs for new players struggling, build some t2 miners, etc. Very few veterans on Trader and Guardian that I know of, are a hindrance. And I havent heard much drama from Hunter or pirate as well. Freelancers either do well, or whine. There’s no inbetween there.

Not sure what’s in store with 6.0 that will help with this, but punish those that help, an the help stops. BV has an awesome operation going on that I could only wish I had the time to match for Traders, but designing custom ships is where I spend most of my time lately, lol

Yeah true but it is also affecting both parties for now and we know that too many abusing the starter paradise for their own profit. If the beginner were completely isolated with POIs and Deposits / Asteorids all the time (combined with a little PDA help) then they should be fine to at least prepare themself for the bigger journey.

As I said, the meta will generally change with 5.1 / 6.0 but at least not even more harder for beginner than now.