Starting EmpAdminHelper Recieving Multiple Errors

I “thought” I had this configured correctly.

I’m running version and I have my dedicated server game installed under:
…\Empyrion - Dedicated Server

and extracted the helper tool directly into that folder so that the full path for the helper is:
…\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\EmpAdminHelper V01.34.01 Full

I start the tool by double-clicking the EmpAdminHelper.exe file.

When it starts I get an error box:

Title: Config Read-Error
Message: Attention: Playfield_Log.XML could not be loaded. Please stop the tool and reload all data from the last backup! Error: The underlying provider failed on Open.
Buttons: Ok

Then I get the error on Statistic_Dedi.XML, Structure_Log.XML, Intruder_Log.XML, PlayerWarning_Log.XML, Statistic_Playfield.XML, PlayerActivity.XML, Entity_Coordinates_Log.XML, SteamID.XML,

Obviously I’ve missed some simple piece of configuration here. Let me know what noob mistake I’ve made, please.


first of all make sure to use the latest 1.35 version.
Then what are you running - the experimental or normal version of Empyrion?
Do you have the latest dotnet framework installed?


I resolved the issue.

Apparently the application does not like being started from a UNC path, ie: \hostname\share\folder\folder.

Once I shut it down, and started from a drive path, ie: C:\folder\folder, it started without errors.


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