Starting planets are dead with no wipes

So I just started Empyrion, play on Renntech with some clan mates, and decided to check out HWS because it’s always populated and seems solid.

However, I started as a freelancer, died and lost everything, restarted on guardian. Cool.

Only, there’s literally nothing there. A few, VERY few active seaweed nodes (that grow on mountain tops… this threw me off for an hour swimming around looking), and zero NPC mobs. All I’ve seen are bases plopped on mountains and auto-miners everywhere.

It just seems overly painstaking to get off planet without wipes to reset mobs and nodes being it’s a starter to get you offworld without the bare essentials going into a pvp zone.

…and things like the gigantic pit trap someone drilled out that has an noclip texture on top.

Hey Stozzy and welcome,

yeah you are not the first one who experience the currently “hard” starter journey.

HWS 5.X is now running over 2 months and had all the legacy stuff in it from 5.2 and 5.3.
Also the things we were able to implement along the way and will implement in 6.0 couldn’t be integrated because a full wipe would have be required.

Nevertheless since 6.0 is coming not that close we try to merge some things without big trouble soon to the starters. With no wipes but a bit more easier.

After all that was what I wanted to test till 6.0. Starter planets without wipes because some people cried and moaned about it.

The result so far is that there are more dramas about a dead planet than a wipe where you just need to move your stuff prepared-quick from A to B.

Lessons learned in 6.0 :wink: