Status of PVP 5.0 + suggestions for 5.1

Hey all,

Some status of the current PVP Universe i would like to share, it’s not negative, just stating the facts i noticed to help for 5.1.

1/ Actual state of PVP after a few weeks :

  • begining of 5.0 -> Back to roots 90% PVP - 10% PVE
  • Reality : 90% PVE - 10% PVP
  • Most of ppl are camping on starters / origins, starters playfields represent 5 orbits + 10 planets so 15 PVE playfieds which is btw way more than previous Universes.
  • AS each origin is closed to others origins, it’s like PVE so 5 more playfields
  • i don’t even count Donators PVE / RP playfields.
  • i don’t count ppl building deep in PVP orbits, like PVE to me either.

Like Achilles said in some post, the ultimate goal was to make some allies and go build in PVP. We did that with Thranir and another faction from a while now. Thanks to PKA we had some fun at least on lightworld, but after some days scouting every planets, all PVP planets are empty, not a single BA…we feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away :smiley: … so boring :frowning:

So now with the alliance system we should see a lot of allied factions attack in group or settle together but no :confused:

2/ suggestions :

  • No need to change the whole Universe, just some tweaks here and there.

  • make all PVP playfields (thanks to 5.1 orbits too :D) full with at the very least 6 basic ressources : iron, copper, cobalt, silicon, magnesium, promethium + some rares as you like, because sure old players maybe can take from OCD and all, but PVP is not reserved for mid or end game, actually a lot of players like PVP from the first minutes. So in order for them to be able to settle on a PVP playfield, basic ressource must be there as it is in the base game. When you don’t have a lot of ressources, it’s already a great challenge to mine on the playfield you choose to settle, always on the alert (ahhh those days; im’ sure some understand :D).

  • Limit like before PVE starters, to avoid camping, those areas must be reserved to new players only but filled well those planets with basic ressources for them to start as i saw a lot of threads/complains of apparently lacking iron etc…

  • Open Origin faction to everyone, so the need for allies / roleplay have a meaning as you’re in danger, and some pirates can come visit you or guardian can visit Pirate :smiley: for example, so those playfields can be really be called PVP.

  • I know that the OP still lacks a timer but don’t forget about that as nobody like to be raided when offline as it’s for me not Players VS players, but fighting only turrets is PVE, i think it will help some ppl to move in PVP. The fact is more ppl were settled in PVP in 2.0 /3.0 than now, specially faction planets.

  • The Toll planets (Lucifer / Gabriel) were always a great idea Rex, and worked pretty well in each previous universes, but maybe remove the need for RP but no rare ressources, and less than full PVP, well like it was before :smiley:

  1. Suggestions for the devs to help the above :
  • they need to boost Base orbit defense so we can settle in orbit around planets (not in 100km away…) The BA in orbit should be as hard to take than on planet taking in count the factors, like CV moving 3X, projectiles have to travel 2X distance but at the same speed etc…well all the obvious things that don’t work well.

  • I noticed HV take a lot of ressources (huge FPS drops when in quantity) even when hover engines are OFF, they should disable the smoke.

  • They shoud disable again front CV guns as it was in the beginning of 4.0, but they maybe need to boost a bit SV/HV, CV on planet should be more for the transport of troups, while dominating in Space.

  • Timer on OP.

  • They should really add all the small things we requested many months ago like group options in P menu to reload turrets / fuel / targeting choices for turrets etc…they take too much time to make those simple things.

And ofc all the suggestions/bugs many of us have already given on offical forum or here but i won’t repeat again here :smiley:

I may have forget some ideas or not think of everything, so pls add / comments what you think but constructive comments pls not some toxic useless ones we can see time to time :smiley:

Again Thanks Rex, Jascha, Achilles for the hard work, still the best server :smiley: and for long !!


Building on PvP playfields is only possible if you intend to use cheese tactics. If you don’t, people will use cheese tactics to kill you.

I think you approach of looking at the existence of lack of pvp bases is wrong. I have found plenty of people hanging out on pvp planets mining and so on - which is a good thing.

On the other hand bases in 5.0 are either a total pushover - shoot from above with a CV. Or essentially impossible to capture - like Darkworld on NA - due to massive HV and base spam.

Lets see what CV mining does for the state of PvP and what their supposed fix to the lagshots does.

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If you want to reduce PVP to kill some ppl ninja mining a bit, that’s your choice.

I welcome every PVP sides, and you can counter CV trying to out range or moles, just need to think smart when building.

So living in PVP with all your structures, and not just live in PVE and fly time to time to get some actions is the real deal, at least to me.

This is what i expected from Empyrion Galaxy…

And this is what it turned out to be…¨


Hey look in the first vid, they have clip shots perfectly

Expects Alpha game to be Perfect, Cries when Alpha Game is Alpha.

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Nobody expects an alpha game to be perfect.

What we would like is to see the ability to have more than two cv’s fighting at once.

lololol so want the bubblegum gun instead of a plasma cannon :wink: … please jasch xD