Staying Unbuffed

Other than logging out of HWS, is there any way of preventing stat buffs and skill tree points from being applied to character?
I prefer to play with the game as designed.

the survival bonus is lost on death. it accumulates the longer u stay alive. bonuses are added for every real time hour spent alive.

Thanks, but I would rather not kill myself periodically to bring myself back to base stats.
I am looking for a way to prevent them from being increased. (I don’t want this HWS “benefit”)

HWS is known for many customizations. that is the main reason most of are here. most features are optional but this one is not something that can be disabled though.

I don’t see an option for logging out from HWS. Presumably, that would halt the accumulation of buffs, no?
I likely missed where the logout link is located.

this buff is automatic. not sure if there is a way to disbale it. seems a small sacrifice to play with others though. perhaps it will be useful at times for u.

there is the option of killing urself after taking 500 points of damage :wink:

Thanks for the info.
It’s inconvenient but I suppose I can periodically reset my stats easily enough.
I will continue to explore how to disconnect from HWS except for when I want to access services.

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I honestly was thinking the same thing myself. but I die an awful lot so the survival bonus doesn’t really affect me at all :wink:

You can’t.
The only way to “disconnect from HWS” is to not play on the server at all.

It’s not some separate thing you can log out of.
If you are on the server you are always connected.

Perhaps the admins can give a command to disable the buff, but there would probably have to be a higher interest than just one player. I’m not sure they would spend the time coding it if only 1 person is interested in it.

I see daily spacewalks without helmet as a part of my routine going forward.
I should try to remember to stash my armor and weapons first.

I suppose I will still accumulate unearned tech tree points but I can more easily live with that.

the destroyme command in console is a bit more humane than oxygen deprivation. also you don’t lose your armor on death, only when you spawn back at your starter planet. everything in your backpack is dropped but the hot bar items and your armor stay with u.

Yes, but doesn’t the equipment suffer durability reduction on death?
(and thank you for the destroyme tip.)

ahh yes, I forget about this because i never repair my armor. all armor booster buffs are active no matter the durability status. (except for maybe the armor stat itself)

Armor durability goes down from taking damage by melee attacks and from weapons fire.
If you use the destroyme command you don’t lose durability since your armor never got hit by anything.

Weapons and tools only lose durability from use, not from damage or the destroyme command.

It’s still best to stash everything before using the command though. Sometimes bugs happen and things get lost or a dropped backpack never spawns sometimes.

Good to know.
Thank you

One last question.
Is it possible to unregister with HWS?
I imagine that doing so would stop the accumulation of the HP buff.
Of course it would also mean giving up the other benefits of HWS registration but I think that would be my preference.

This is a very vague term and in a custom Scenario on a modded Server quite tricky but ok.
In the end we want to enrich the experience, so I can only offer you to exclude you from the Survival Boost feature.
The rest is up to you to use or not.

Is this your steam id?

Yes, 76561198066507004.
Exclusion from the survival boost would be welcome.
I will use the other features to the extent that they fit my style of play.
Thank you very much.

ok done. After next death it should not increase.