Stealth Technology



(aka the HWS Offline Protection)

Visit or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type egs:? for all available commands


  • it costs 1 RP per ship only in PvP (PvE = for free)
  • it only works in space (does not work on planets)
  • it only works for yourships (private & faction)
  • warning!: nearby faction member ships will also be stealthed (within 200m)
  • ensure you are alone if you want only your ships to be stealthed
  • it does not work on bases
  • it only works if no enemy players are nearby (up to 2000 meter)
  • it stealths all ships 200 meters from your position
  • you can use the unstealth command from any distance and only in the orbit where you have ships in stealth mode
  • you can’t stealth ships more than once
  • after you stealth one ship, you can’t stealth another one, so plan ship placement accordingly before executing the command
  • ships are unstealthed there where you last left them
  • you can’t stealth ships if you are guilty
  • the ships are stealthed for 5 days and are visible and vulnerable afterward
  • ships are undocked after stealth mode. To re-dock them just hop into / out of their cockpits
  • stealthed ships avoid tax assessment and are protected from playfield wipes such as the Black Hole


  • no need to fly 50k+ km out in into space - wasting time
  • no restrictions in PvP space
  • eliminates possible medical bay spawn bug
  • great server performance boost - the more people stealth their ships, the better
  • offers true offline protection
  • highly encourages players to earn RP and explore the roleplay aspects that HWS offers
  • stealth info is displayed in HWS Connect (EGS Stealth Tab)
  • Use HWS Connect > EGS Stealth integration and unstealth ships with just a click

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