Strange item appeared

What happened:
=> its 3rd time when i login and find strange item in 1st slot of toolbar “MeleePlayer”
i have some concerns of my character data are corrupted
i sell 2 of this at market(after talking with dQ)

Player(s) with issue:
=> Эльфик

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 29-30.06.19

These i guess.

Maybe its for a future update where we can use melee weapons and it “glitched” into your inventory?!



best for now is to destroy them. Not sure what they are, but it seems they come by recycling. I will check that, but these items can’t be used anyhow but will crash your game if you do try to use them.

Thanks for the report

im not using recycling and they dont crash the game. they just pop up on login and sometimes they disappear on their own

Not sure how this was possible and maybe you can describe in detail again how you got these items?

Rule Number 1 is always though to not sell corrupt data around!
It’s like a Virus. You have to isolate it and not spread it!!
I removed them of course.

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just log in and this already in 1 slot of toolbar(was empty). thats all
thats why i created this ticket first place. is this data corruption or just new eleon “feature”

I remember it happened many years ago already. “NPCTemplate” item was placed in the inventory of players somehow. Then it never came back again. Now this again…

Still, to every bug there is 99,99% a reproduction case.
So think carefully what you did before the logout, during your gaming session, etc.

im doing nothing special, making mission(at ecc), trading loot from them, sometimes warping to binomi to my base
my guess this linked to periodical disconnects introduced in last patches. but item appeared on normal logout-login too. and not 100% after that dc. dunno

i decided to pinpoint the case, because Rex does a lot for server and i appreciate this.
toolbelt empty. enter top gun mission. loot container. relog. MeleePlayer in 1st slot(item invisible).
reproduced 2 times of 2

UPD: checked after today patch. 6 of 6

Thanks @Elf

hmm. I will check the top gun mission then I guess.

@RexXxuS @Jascha
as side effect of this the whole toolbar overwritten, 1st slot this item and all other are empty and all items lost(lost epic laser yesterday to this)
this mission really bugged

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Hello @Elf

because you said it is still an issue.
Can you specify what loot container you opened? The one at the beginning giving you ammo?
Why do you relog after that?

yes. issue is exactly same. get into the mission, get items from container(container is with ammo/fuel/etc), relog. toolbar replaced, and item in the 1st slot.
do i really need to answer why i relog?
this time i just checked out for old bug.

Well, this answer was enough indeed.
Working on it.

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