Structure Commander bugged?

After 4.0 my structure commander shows all my building as “true” for “deleted”. Idk if this is a big issue or if is just changed the “true” by the “false”… but i’m affraid that in this condition the server are not backuping them anymore and i could, eventualy, lose it for real.

Any thoughts?

It’s a bug. I had the same happen to me. Once I changed playfields a few times it started reporting correctly.

well… to me is unchanged since 4.0 day one. I saw it on the first day but thought that was a not important bug… But it is still there, not i’m starting get worried, this is why i made this post.

I hope that’s really a not important bug… just wanted to report.

It should be fixed now. We had a bit oooo much Data going to the website. So it was not able to catch it all. It also sometimes shows them as deleted, if he is in the progress of reloading them. Then just wait 5 minutes and they should be ok again.