Structure Commander issues


I know your busy but there are serious anomalies with the Structural Commander:

Satans Ride, , CV, , , , , , 91 357 false

This ship has not changed in devices in the last few days, yesterday it was reporting the correct 40 devices and 306 blocks.

Earlier the tool was reporting the ship was deleted while I was stood in it, there was 46 devices and 328 (ish) blocks.

If the tax system is based off this data then without it being stable, how can any of us be sure we have not been over charged?

Somewhere the data is getting messed up even on a small ship such as mine, this needs a deeper investigation to find out how its happening.

Did anyone dock on that ship? There was a bug in game some time ago that the blocks had a strange coutn for a few minutes and then went back to normal. But thats nothing HWS Connect could change. We will investigate it though.

The deleted setting is because of the tool refreshing the data at that moment. you can just ignore it. But maybe we will change something to not freak everyone out ;).

only thing I did was disengage the SV which was 16 device (16 blocks) and been using it but not landed it back on the CV, none of the values have added up to include that either.


My base has 15 devices in the list, plus 27 growing pots.

Empyrion reports this as 43 devices (121 blocks).

HWS Structure Commander reports this as 121 devices (894 blocks).

I have no windows or walls in my structure. Just a few steel blocks on the ground and a single pillar with arms that reach out over the three groups of growing pots.

It looks like the block count is the HWS device count and solid ground or air is being included in the HWS block count.

This is the current total for my ship:

Satans Ride, , CV , , , , , 121 387 true

Its increasing!!! the ship hasn’t changed.

Update 1: 23:46 DST - 57 323 true Well its dropped now, still random and out, and everything shows as deleted :confounded:

Todays update: 21:01 BST - 145 411 true

Ummmmm, 145 device? that’s over 3 times actual, lol.

hmm, the weird thing is also that it is not listed if I type the commands “ents” in.
Dunno why… will investigate further

Not been playing for a few hours and just thought I would check before sign in.

now 20:28 BST 40 306 true

Which is correct for the ship, all except the deleted, hey ho, so lets see if that changes now I am back in game.

Update 02:33 BST - due to moving into base, ship has been reduced slightly, 23 Devices, 289 Blocks. Ship is purely for travel now.

Update 17:47 BST - slight rebuild of ship, should report 24 devices and 239 blocks, each time I’ve checked today its been one of the expected values, so looking promising.

Thanks for the reports!
Here and there a bit choppy, yeah.

But as I said: at ~9 AM when the server restarts and taxes are paid everything has the correct data.
Still we have to find the bug in the tax-payday function.
If Jascha is back he will look into it.

I’ve noticed the numbers change based on where I am more as a person.

Since I moved into my new base that is now jumping around in the number of devices and blocks, last night it was out and again today it is:

Dukes Beach Condo , BA , , , , , 99 1420 true

The in game reported values are: 55 devices and 1376 blocks.

So question is, are the totals changing because of what I am carrying?

It seems so variable and I am the one variable in it which is constantly changing as I work.

Might be something for Jascha to think about and examine if player inventory is being included.

Update before sleep: Added a basement, still 55 devices for now, but blocks are 1654, right now the structure commander lists 143 and 1464. Could be because I was moving stuff from floor to floor, hence was in my inventory earlier.

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My only CV in milky has ~800 devices. Yet the server warns me I got ~5000 devices… Yesterday the same thing but with a different number. So bugged.