Structure Limit Control


I have the structure limit control set up to have 2 of each core type per person on PVP and PVE, then 2 of each for faction on PVP and PVE. It is currently not giving out any warnings for anyone who has more than the max allowed amounts. How can I activate this correctly so it enforces core limits?

Thank you

To help understand my question and current settings, here are pictures of the configs i am referring to. Global%20Restrictions


you need to set the timetable entry for it:


under Global restrictions:

To determine how often these checks should be made go to Timetable and set the “Total Playfield structure limit check” to 15 minutes and in Parameter for example a “5”. That means he controls and warns every 15 minutes and allows 5 Warnings until he would take the ship (if faction is set in config).

Thank you very much! I missed this part. You rock!

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