Stuck in Nebula System

I stuck in the Nebula System and cant land on a planet to take energy for the warp because i have not enough permission and cant warp to another system now. :frowning:

Give me some more info please on which server is this, I reside on Eden on the NA server I am afk ATM but I can meet you at the space station with Pentax
If you are on the EU server do you have your orbital auto miner set up ? It mines blue crystal you can get buy using am:get:BC:amount

Im playing on the Eu Pve Server and im ingame atm. And no i have not a autominer.

I’m sorry I’m on the NA server. Try your orbital auto miner or if you have rp and haven’t done your family:supply command depending on your origin it gives blue crystals
I’d type am:buy:BC lvl one is free and helps in situations like this


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