Stuck Inside my Base

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Left clan to join another (clans orders) prematurely, now I’m stuck inside the base because the doors will no longer open for me
Player(s) with issue: lilkountree
Server: NA Server
Time (cb:time): 2300 PST
Playfield: Alliance HQ Planet
Structure Name(s): IEX Recruiting Center
Structure ID(s): Unknown
How can we help you now: Opening the door(s) for me, or put me back into IEX, so I can finish gathering my things out of the base and into my CV. Most of the guys that could help me have already left IEX (freelancer) and joined partner group SBS (lawless), so they don’t have base access either. Only members left in IEX don’t get online. The door(s) could be removed as there’s nothing in here to get and nothing can be accessed anyways.

ok, 2 minutes

already done :wink:

lol - thanks.