Stuck under ship after warp

Me and a faction member are stuck under his cv (Food Cart) in Xerul Orbit at spawn point. We were on a rescue mission trying to save another faction member who was stuck on his cv after warping. Need help please.


this happened to Raph… then me now you ray… were all stuck under our ships…lol

warp to a new zone… get internal error, log back in… ray is stuck under that ship.
i was left behind in last system…
got a ride. as soon as i got out of the chair i was teleported to under my ship, and stuck.

Oh and my other CV i parked to quickly go help ralph… is still in space also… but id guess it was destroyed by now.

Also wanted to add this happened to Ralph… first… we semi dismantled his ship, i even poped the core… and I think i left it private… he got somewhat aggravated and did CB:restart.
so in all its a mess and were all stuck…lol.

Hey guys,

sorry but the only solution is an unload of the playfield / restart of the server. Nothing else in the world is helping you by that annoying bug.
Restart is coming very soon.

Will add a hint in the HWS Guide to not suicide and try everything destructive out there.
Maybe we can automatically detect if you are stuck and implement a command for your selfmanagement.
Have to see.


So does that mean we Lose all of our ships ?

Have to check but if you destroyed your ships by your own we can’t do much about it.
This becomes a serious bug where we are limited to wait till it get fixed.

OK, to my other faction members that will most likely check this post… Our ships have been moved… to a safer distance.
Looks like ralph lost his SV somewhere in transit… it might still be in orbit after all the mess with his ship.

Thanks for the reply Rex :slight_smile:

Did you guys experience any trouble before the stuck? Any errors any thing you did?
Did you use any chatbot comands before? Or did you hear anyone else having trouble around that time, or someone who started a fight?

Every information would be helpfull. We try to send all the infos to the devs, so they can look into it. It happens way to often lately.

And could you please send your client logs to the devs? See cb:Logs

Thans a lot.

Hope the devs will find that problem

Yes, Jascha.
each of us got an internal error when we had Warp-d into that zone, and as soon as you log back in you were either in the last zone, but your ship made the jump.
Or you were stuck under the ship.
Ralph was stuck and tried everything we could think of… i went as far as dismantling a good section of armor to find him still just floating there but yes stuck.
I popped the core, destroyed and moved the cockpit… color sex change… everything we could think of…
Raplh was very annoyed and frustrated so he did a CB;restart. then it happened again and again till all 4 of us were stuck at a warp point. it looked like a junkyard… there were other ships there also.
I would say where but our ships are still there. and dont want pirates to find us… I was the only one on when the reset happened, and i managed to move all of our ships to a little safer distance from planet.