Stuff deleted (base and ships)


======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: All ships/base deleted (not visible in structures as well)
Player(s) with issue: J3DAJ
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Unknown
Playfield: Lawless Moon
Structure Name(s): Dank side of the moon, PL-01 Rotanev, Untitled1.wav, X7-B and two other that name i forgot (not important ones)
Structure ID(s): Since i can’t see them in structures anymore i can’t tell.
How can we help you now: Bring that stuff back plz, i need to take materials from them to put in OCD in preparation for new patch.



none of your mentioned structures can be found on the server anymore what means they are far beyond a 10 day lifetime.
I see you also didn’t play for long.

Sorry, nothing I can do for you in that case.


Oh, so that’s why it took you 22 hours to reply while you replied to other guy 1 hour after this topic was created.

Understandable, have a great day.


? I don’t get your ironic / sarcastic comment here…

You mean this one? Cv and sv disappeared after csw eu to na

Well sure I can reply with a smartphone because it is a no-brainer and no help for that required at all.

In your case I spend 5+ more minutes to verify all of your structures and play time activity.

Not to mention that we had an Event last night which took 12 hours. 6 hours on EU and 6 hours on NA. I was tired af after 24hours straight and only slept 5 hours. Don’t believe me? Ask @Schleicher, @Beetle, @gareth and all the others.

Still I accomplish to give a support response time below 24hour.


So if you have anything more toxic to say please go ahead or let it be for your own sake…


And i can explain here as well hows my last 9 days were. I was sitting still and waiting to ALL of my stuff get deleted so i can become ironic and sarcastic because that whats makes my life better…

Oh but don’t mind at all that my whole base and every ship i ever had there is now gone. It’s completly unreasonable that i become upsett. It was only my fault, next time i should buy “don’t delete my stuff - pack” for 99 EUR and i’ll be fine.


Ok, more salt then even.

To finish this:

THIS is literally ALL we have from you! There is NO history of anything else you had. And again, even if you would not have touched stuff it would still be visible for 15+ days in the logs. But there is just NOTHING.
Maybe you just admit that you was absent and didn’t care about your stuff. I don’t know.
IF there would have been something I would help of course. But I guess it doesn’t matter anyways.

About your failed attempt to hook the pay 2 win road here:

Try harder next time bro.

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