Sturcture Commander off by an hour since daylight savings

No template since this applies to everyone on the server(s) I assume.
Really minor issue I’ve noticed.

Since the daylight savings time change, every time I “touch” a structure to reset the timer (actually opening control panel), the timer doesn’t get reset to 0 anymore.
Instead it always gets reset to last touched one hour ago.

As I said, really minor issue. I doubt an hour is going to make the difference here. I still thought I should point it out just in case it’s affecting other areas of HWS Connect.

I’m seeing it on NA server, just in case that matters here (I doubt it).

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Thanks for the report! Don’t know if it’s @Jascha or @Hayawen who can improve it? :nerd_face:

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hm good question.
The date and time we get from the game… So I guess the game time or the conversion from it has a flaw. Thanks for the report. Ill check it.

I wouldn’t spend too much time worrying about it personally. It’s only an hour.

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