Successful gold mining?

What is the best way to mine for gold on GG? I have tried HV mining with tons of guns, but the turrets don’t work when you are underground a bit so they are useless now. I have tried tunneling all the way to the bottom and mining thinking I could just hop in my SV if I see someone coming to have a chance fighting them off, but then am just bombarded from people above ground so there is no way to fight back or keep from dying.

Go in a group with scouts.

Hide and processs all gold, throw it in ATM imediatly. If you will die no big deal you have your credits already on account. Dont bring expensive stuff.
Not sure if you beginning or what is your resource pool…but this works, i tried out of curiosity and made 7 mils during afternoon without anyone noticing me.

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Last I checked you guys were allied :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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What Elfias said… And try to go in a group… One miner 2-3 guards… This way if you dont have an atm close by, they can help you escape... Expect to loose sv/hvs

and Have fun =) =) Even pvp sucks at this game, it still gives you the goosebumps while hanging in pvp =D

We didnt ally TAW we temporarily were allied to the 1 man faction TaW, brand confusion.

the eb:cointocr command works everywhere and puts all your coins in your bank from bag at once

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you also parked 200m away from my base and my HV glitched the rerain and killed you

I just want to confirm TAW and ACP are not allied.