Suddenly A Volume Problem

I went to move something from a container to my backpack and suddenly got a msg.: Volume capacity exceeded. My volume shows 2922/500. I emptied my backpack completely and now I can’t put anything back in. Including armor. My volume dropped to 2901. Can’t even get anything from OCD. Never saw this before. Been playing for about 5 yrs. I was always able to fill all my backpack slots. Now I’m completely stuck with this game breaker. Just sitting on my ship. I even flew into space hoping no gravity would help. Can anyone help?

Looks like you took off your armour. Most of the extra volume capacity on HWS is linked to the armour you are wearing. No armour=no capacity

So what can I do? I can’t even pick up my armor to put it on.

hit F4 and dump everything to a cargo box, including items in ur hotbar. this should give u enough room in ur backpack for the armor. hit P and access the armor locker through the device menu.


That’s it Bob. Thanks. I did think of that but was afraid if it didn’t work, I’d wouldn’t be able to eat or fuel ship.

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empy rule #6: always put wireless device in structure :wink: