Sugestion : Better RP for Guradians... Better insight for Pirates/Hunter etc


it would be nice if the reputation system can change a bit… because as freelancer u get 3 RP for flying round and do noting, as guardian u need to kill a pirate … if u want some guardian an the server it has to change… maybe 1 RP for flying an 6 for killing a pirate … it is not the same to fight against a pirate or to fly around and eran 3 RP per day.

And the next how sould i find a pirate? ask them :slight_smile: just shooting on every one how fire first cant be the way … what is if the guy how shoot first is a trader or guradian i will earn guildy for killing a guradian, also he shoot first, rigth?.. maybe there is a way to see like the cooler the orgin of the others maybe a short § or (G) at the beginnging of the nameform the ship etc…


Hi Jewa,

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. It sounds like you may need a few more hours in the environment to really understand the roles and how they fit into the meta.

Let me preface by saying we’re making some changes to the RP earning system for some of the origins that are lagging.

That said, the ways you earn RP will differ based on your role. You may feel like traveling from one end of the galaxy to the other to get RP is “doing nothing”, but other may see it as “getting the prey out in the water”. That risk is worth something. Otherwise how would the pirate earn the RP from a kill if folks are counting their iron stacks in OCD in PVE all day.

Big picture.

As for how to find a pirate… well… that’s just part of learning the trade of a hunter.

Keep em coming though! As you learn more and gain experience in new ways we can’t, it is invaluable!


Hunter RP seems just fine. 2 RP to kill anyone. Assassins of the galaxy.

I will say we need more way’s to become guilty…

Hey Hopskotch,

mmm i think 257 h on this server is a lot of time … i only say if u want some guardian there play as guardian on the server some maybe littel change will help to motivate.

And why i slould lern the trade of hunter if i play as guradian. it would be nice if there is a way to see on patrol which orgin is attacking me … easy …
if i understand the guildy system rigth … one way to became guildy is to kill a guradian, rigth?

so it would be nice also for the others if there see ok it is a guardian or it is a trader or pirate etc. so there can think about attaking or not.
And maybe is give the efekt that a lot of peple don’t attack guardains anymore if there know that there get riskt to become guilty. And a guardian can figth aginst pirate much more easyer. And i belive thats exactly the role of a guradian, in’t it? Boundtyhunting is job for hunters… :slight_smile:

if there so it can also solve (my) the rp problem because not the aim for everyone will a form of pay for a guardian.


I think Guardian Origin should have the highest RP rewards as it is the most difficult to actually
play. Not do your own thing but actually take up the role of Guardian.

IMO a guardian player faction would need to be good size, well organized and have their logistics
in order before even attempting to take on the task. To be successful that faction or alliance would
make an enormous investment in both time and material. The rewards they receive for defending others
should be appropriate. I’d go so far as to say personal from the Admins if the deeds warranted it. This
would also prevent the greatest rewards from being given out from exploitation of the system.