Suggestion : Allow more HV on the playfields

At the moment i can not start my favourite PVP invasion landing on HWS, thats a carrier CV with planetary weapons, one SV and at least 4 HV.

I could have three with a reward planet, and seven when parking in the homeworld sector.
My fear is not so much pirates finding me in homeworld space but more the taxes for 1 BA/ 1 CV/ 1SV/ 7HV killing me.

Zeno/Nox nebula space you can have as much stuff as you want and is not taxed I think. You’ll just have to spawn the HVs after you land on HWS.

Are you talking about raiding OP4 base on Homeworld? : )

I hope so…

Well did till now just some scouting. I thought about a space fortress in outer Nox space, but not sure about that. I would have to build it far outside, meaning quite a lot of time to travel and supply the fortress.

Maybe better to land on homeworld, pull out bases from the factory and start the bridgehead this way.Found out on homeworld today also, that there are some unraidable bases placed by griefers.

That bit got taken care of…


Yes it did! Took a few more than I anticipated but it was well fought on both opposing sides!

Would have been a bit more daunting if the turrets were firing on a regular basis.

It is sad that bases have no chance to stand vs. Griefers.