Suggestion: Better out of markedzone RP cost

Currently if you decide to buy, for example 999 iron ore, outside of the marked zone. Then you would have to pay the price, and 999RP. This should be improved. RP cost outside of markedzone should depend on “type”. For example weapons should cost 1RP each, and ores maybe 1RP for 10 ores. This way it would still be expensive, for high amounts, but possible for low amount purchases.

You guys can suggest better RP cost. This above is just examples.

999RP for 999 ores, is just too much. It should be possible to buy outside markedzone, but still way cheaper in markedzone.

Or you can pay a player bit extra to do a home delivery :blush: more roleplay is fun roleplay.


Or just go nearest blackmarket.

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Or use your OAM where it only costs 10 per ore and no RP cost

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Iron was just an example ;D It could have been anything, which you can’t make in OAM