Suggestion: Buff Red Gold

As it is now, I timed myself mining the red gold with an archimedes, it took me 10 minutes to get 50k gold ore. In past seasons, it has been about five minutes to mine 50k gold ore when flying a normal HV. Significantly less when we were able to use the Omnipotus, a CV with 20 HV drills. Each drill mined a much larger area, allowing much more gold to be mined in a short time.

I vote we either allow more HV drills on garage SV’s, as well as more HV drills on HVs, have the ore mine faster, or have the amount of gold mined higher than it is now. We have had much, much higher rates in the past, as well as add more competition to the red gold mining. As it is now, only two factions have bases on GG, only three have even tried this season, there’s a reason for that and it isn’t that the gold is good enough as-is.

As much as I would love to allow more drills, I know that used to cause lag which is why it was originally changed. I also know @Ju is absolutely swamped and has been busy on something for weeks, I submitted three or four garage ships three weeks ago and Ju still hasn’t had a chance to look at them.