Suggestion : Exchange Homeworld POI with Desertworld or Iceworld

I like POI, as i experienced today in some Desertworld temples there are tons of onehitting OP aliens in it (yes, one-hitting. yes i have heavy armor with 3 armor mods).

So to give single players like me a chance to do POI there is only waterworld and homeworld. On homeworld there are just two kinds of players : gold diggers and pirates hunting the gold diggers.

Both kind of players catch my SV unattendend in front of some POI, means = no chance. Aliens in front, pirates behind… not a good situation !

How about seperating the gold war from the POI raid by exchanging the POI with another planet ?

Update waow… not so easy these homeworld temples… and very tricky !

Fantastic design ! I am quite sure that the guys who checkmarked “HWS POI are bad” never tried one of these POI :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But i really suggest to exchange the POI planets, its not so funny fighting your poisonos spiders and scorpions in the temple while some “alpha-faction” offline PVP experts destroy my vessel outside of the POI.

And unfortunately this kind of troll players always chooses Homeworld as their base planet.

You can spend hours on other planets, doing the POI alone with nobody to bother you…

Off course, Homeworld IS the main planet of system, because of gold : if you have nobody to watch your back, go to the other planets, you’ll see : it worth it.

Haha ok try one of the desertword temples solo !

But let me watch the show with popcorn and beer xd

Sorry guy, did many times all the temples on desert world alone.
I can’t say that i can handle these without dying for now, but each time i die much less than before.
Just learn to run with a light armor and to use explosives, you’ll see how it’s easy to get rid of 10 spawners in 15 seconds…

EDIT : Actually, like said in planet description, these POI are MEANT to be done solo.
Did them a few times with 1 or 2 buddies and it was REALLY easy.