Suggestion fo a new and awesome Donator package

Hi Rexx i was discussing with my faction Mates , and we think that you miss a Donator package to choose:


for ex for 10€ you can bring 2 ships after the wipe for 15€ 4 ships for 20€ 6 ships or something like this.

It should not be too difficult to implement, it is a simple copy paset like egs:stealth

This way ppl that invested many cr buyng garage ships can bring them to the next season. (let them spawn these ships only at the ECC garage obviously

let me know what you think



I like the idea alot :3

Also the customization isn’t lost :smiley:

Only problem i see is adapting the ship to next version if something changes alot :confused:

Yeah I was going to mention that. By promising something like that they could create a ton of work if updating the ships are needed. One or 2 people would be easy but if half the server did that and all those ships had to be updated before they could be used…

Also that is directly Pay 2 Win and I think that is something that should be avoided. Resources is one thing ships is different more so for the PVP starters. You are starting with ships ready to go how do noobs compete.

Unless the donator package just let you get a few garage ships for free, but nice idea I can see a few people getting it.

It is bad idea. I have more good idea! DONATOR RED BUTTON. - 10 euro - PUSH BUTTON - all RED is killed. 20 euro - A.F.T + SWP is killed. You can use it only 10 times per a season.

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+1 :slight_smile:

My idea was intended for the Garage ship only, and only the blueprint without ammo or other consumable inside.
You simply get another copy of the ship.
This is a way to keep money even for ppl that does not have the bank. You buy a 15 mil ship and you dont loose it in the wipe.
Modified ships will be restored to the original blueprint so any change that occur via new version Rexx had only to adapt the Original BP of the Garage ship not all the ships.

I like this idea. If any changes need to be made, it would be to a stock ship. I think we can customize them again.