Suggestion for the weekly planet wipes


I would like to offer a suggestion about rotating the weekly planet wipes. I know that 5.0 was just kicked off and it will be some time before everything gets settled back to a routine. However by having the weekly wipes at a set time every week it will always favor a certain group of people because of the time zones. Some people are getting the wipe at midnight every week and others are getting the wipe at 3 am. With it being on a Thursday most people have to work Friday morning. If it is possible could you rotate the wipe back a few hours every other week to give everyone the chance at some POIs or ore deposits that are fresh. Or even better do a wipe on Thursday at normal time and another on Sunday at the rollback time for the starter zones. I love the game but I still have bills to pay. Lol

You aren’t supposed to be staying or returning to the starter planets anyways.

Thanks for the feedback.

Since we have a lot of people from different timezones it is always bad for some people. We can’t make everyone happy.
Regarding POI + Deposit resets a change is coming soon.