Suggestion how to setup your forces in PVP space for HWS6

At the moment PVP space is taxed, but only with more than 200 cores in the playfield, this means in effect that just Ju is really taxed.

So this gives you enough room to summon more than just one or two vessels from the factory. Here is how it works :

  • build up you main CV which is also your mobile base in PVP space. This ship should have tons of supply boxes on board and several constructors. This ship should never be under risk, just warp away if anyone is closing in. This main CV must always set either in stealth mode when you log/have a longer break or warped out into PVE space. Set this ship as “home” for respawn.
  • set up two orbits in one of the two main PVP space areas (Rheinland or Homeworld sector), Golden Globe is not good because of the daily black hole wipe. These orbits should be 20km away from each other, name them e.g. “Scout orbit” and “Fleet orbit”
  • Scout orbit the the park orbit for your main CV, Fleet orbit the place to have your other CV / SV and a base to repair them
  • dont have valuables on the fleet or base. If someone detects them they are gone. Currently there is no offline defence against griefers on HWS.
  • I suggest a light scout SV for recon and landing on one of the gold planets(spawning drill HV from your factory there), a heavy SV for PVP (miner hunting, griefer hunting and would-be alpha faction hunting) and a battleship with full frontal weapons for golden globe asteroid mining. If someone tries to “gank” you while mining just turn around and go one-on-one.
    If he has not also full frontal weapon mount you will win.
  • you can also spawn further vessels that you like for specialzed tasks, e.g. a carrier CV with some HV