Suggestion: Leaderboard activity change

Hello guys.

I just had a thought. Right now if a player gets some kills in FPS, or other event, or PvP, and manage to not die, and get on leaderboard, they can just quit on all PvP, and play actively, and they’ll be on top of leaderboard for the rest of the season.

This is for example with RexXxuS right now. 26 kills, and no deaths. And since he’s actively on the server, he’ll stay number 1.

So my suggestion is that the activity is counted in kills. So for example a kill within 5 days.

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Good suggestion.
We wanted to change it too somehow.

@Jascha is this possible?


hm thats a good point but I think a kill in 5 days will also not change it much, or? (since he could “arrange” that kind of.

What would be some options that could make it more valid?

You could chqnge it to 2 kills, and check if they’re the same person. If they are then don’t set them as active.

Thats funny, I had 26 kill and 0 deaths. (Ranked #6)I think the FPS event should be a separate kill counter all together. Most of the people I talk to dont care about the Kill Board due to the FPS event.