Suggestion : OCD level 7 with donation

I have an IQ of 123 and good analytic skills. Buy and sell runs quite well (as this is my RL job too hehe ) and i already earned around half a million bucks.

Enough to buy my daily space popcorn, but sorry 70 million ? 700 million ? For the top two OCD levels ?

HOW ???

Some people already have more than 70 mill.

123 isnt very high y’know :wink:

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Better than Steve Jobs xd

When you can join MENSA like myself then you can brag. However. i agree. Ocd 6/7 should be feasible with real money

Wasn’t it Einstein who couldn’t tie his own shoes? He had a high IQ.

Currently I would say gold mining is the best way to make credits. Before PvP died it was
looting other players bases and ships. That’s how I made my fortune anyway.

OCD prices are a bit steep but I’m not sure donating is the way to go. Perhaps a dip in their
price to allow for newer players to buy before the 2 month wipes.

I would recommend anyone who plans on staying on HWS for awhile get the keep 70mil donator
as it allows you to keep your fortune after wipes.

i agree, impossible to earn so much money … :slight_smile:
if you have high iq, you know about all things about elasticity in trading … so make more money from trading …

PS. and no difference between ocd 6 and ocd 7, just additional slots and slightly volumes …yes, access in pvp area, but cooldown so huge, that no necessity to have last level of ocd

We were just discussing that the other day on server chat. I agree, level 7 OCD is just completely overpriced for what it offers. I think the price to 6 being 70M is very fair since it gives you a lot of advantages in terms of what you can store, but 700m for a cool down access in pvp (especially that any PVE location is a warp away) is not worth it at all.

Hmm dear Rexxus,

if even Mr. Tesla has this opinion, and from his trade output he should be the richest trader on HWS EU even outcassing Fulgrim, you should really consider the stage 7 change for the OCD.

I have no idea why people place such a high value on IQ. I know lots of intelligent people who probably have a low IQ. People whom make the right decisions at the right moment are the kind of folks who i respect. And i value emotional intelligence far more than IQ based intelligence any day. Working in schools i know just how fallible tests are.

Back on point i agree that OCD 7 is overpriced, the main selling point of OCD 7 in my eyes would be more slots and more capacity, but right now there isn’t enough of an improvement upon that compared to OCD 6 to merit purchasing it at its current price.

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Just to show you clearly what i mean ,

If i win the lottery HEY COOL FANTASTIC ! I won the lottery 4 million credits are mine !

If i win another time i can buy the OCD 6 upgrade !!

Uhh moment wrong, this is the level 5 upgrade.

For level 6 i have to win the lotterey 20 times.

See the point now ?

I’m a single player faction and I spent last season mining gold. Lots and lots of gold.

I now almost have enough for OCD 6, on my own. It’s all from mining gold and the resulting interest from having it in the bank (and a small amount from fa:supply and autominer.)

It’s possible. If I can do it so can you.

OCD 7 on the other hand (which no one really needs) isn’t really possible as a single player faction.

Haha thats so true krazzy :slight_smile: i work for an international electronic company and just got a price for the 4th best salesman (of 854), but i have no idea where the heck to get the 700 millions credits from for OCD7 xd

If you want ocd 7 you’re going to have to get creative with multiple friends all pooling money together. It’s possible, but it’s completely unnecessary to have ocd 7.

If you think 700mil is impossible, it used to be 7 billion until very recently.

It’s not something that’s supposed to be easily attainable. (and I don’t think anyone has actually gotten it yet)


Considering todays trade results i maybe achieve the 7 million till season end xd

Lol funny and dont know the easiest things^^

Still good enough to join Scientology

79: Boris Johnson
85: Andy Warhol
86: Steve Jobs
94: Tom Cruise
104: Britney Spears

119: John F. Kennedy
120: Paris Hilton
125: George Bush
130: Barack Obama
131: David Cameron
133: James Franco
135: Arnold Schwarzenegger
137: Bill Clinton
138: Emma Watson

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John F Kennedy was a devote catholic. There was even a debate at the time of whether his presidency
would give the Vatican to much influence over American politics. Doubt he was into scientology.

Again senseless off topic in a general discussion.

Nobody are interested in scientology, ex-presidents of US or whatever.

Feedback about OCD level 7 was listened and taken into consideration.

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