Suggestions: EWS description ingame

I don’t know if it is possible to change descriptions within game config.

It would be great to see the EWS type (Metal light, Hull combat, etc) as part of the item description.
That would make it a lot more accessible.
Same for weapon damage, it would be great to see effective/ineffective against type as part of a weapon description.

Hello @lirezh

good suggestion.

I can actually try the metal etc. description…

But the more detailed one regarding EWS as info isn’t possible I’m afraid.
My ultimate goal was to create an “EWS Info Center” with the start of this season.

Like a museum you have to walk through (similar to the Clone Chamber at the beginning) where all weapons and turrets are presented on a podest and telling you their stats and details.

But time ran out… coming soon …

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Sounds great. It would not need more than a few words!
I read that chart maybe 15 times and it’s confusing. Not because it’s written that way, just because it’s so many things to keep in mind as a newcommer. I bet even plenty of veterans are not adapted to the changes yet.

So if the guns would have a few words with them (great,good and bad against) and the materials would have a type classification we’d have the problem controlled.

Ok yes, I can integrate the material as info!
Will do this with the next restart. Takes some time…


For the rest… nice Youtube videos would be great or the “EWS Info” POI I talked about… soon…

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That’s awesome! Great for everyone, even those not aware of EWS and a bit curious will find out what this is about.

Will the same be possible for weapons ?

I bet the core game will adopt the idea of EWS.

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The same?

You mean that it’s effective against XX ?
That is not possible sadly.

How about CB:ews:player/cv/sv/hv ? :slight_smile:

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