Suggestions for new missions or gameplay dynamics

I have just been thinking it would be very cool, if Eleon (with RexXxus influence :wink: ) would create a few more items that are not player buildable and are not generally available in standard POI’s etc.

For example - a Dispatch briefcase.

This could then be used as a mission item for a “EGS Secrets delivery” scenario.

Or perhaps a jewellery box would be another interesting item

Which could be only sold by one trader on EU server and only bought by a trader on NA server - thus creating a cross server trade route.

With the trade route principle in place you can make this more dangerous by the location of the purchasing trader etc and set the price accordingly. (Got the make trade route worth while)

So the creation of a few special admin only items, could extend the universe game play quite easily.

  • what does anyone else think and do you have any ideas that may increase the game play dynamic?

I volunteer as a selling Trader :wink:

My issue with this is the issue with CV combat… U started losing, just warp out

I was also recently thinking about this, it would be so much better if the config file had a “time to spool up the warp dive” variable for CV and SV (sv, being faster to warp).

In addition I am wondering if the existing no warp camping rule is not so relevant since the game had a bigger randomised player warp in zone. Probably it would be good to continue to ban bases in the area (ideally via a virtual anti grief zone or some other automatic, no admin function). Perhaps the size of the randomisation of the warp in zone could be extended?

I think travelling through hot PvP playfields should be more dangerous generally and correspondingly rewarding for pirates! currently it is as risky as catching a bus :slight_smile:

Another small feature idea was if we could have a system of renting one of the EGS star apartments! So you could pay in game credits in exchange for the door code to a door lock code to an appartment. With the devices inside set to public. Together with the other EGS star facilities it would be possible to live here and trip down to the homeworld planets. Of course it would be even better if there was a safe garage to park an SV, but you can’t have everything!

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Just a further thought along this line, perhaps it would be possible to have a free “stealth” zone in the EGS star? (limited in the same way as the HWS NPC trader zones) as this feature it would only be useable for the SV’s visiting this spaceport facility, but would make the “living” or spending time in the facility more viable.