Super difficult PVE areas or servers?

around 2019 i played a little on a PVE server where it seemed almost impossible to survive for than an hour alone after landing in your escape pod. it was pretty fun but i got sidetracked. is that server still up? anyone know which one it is? or is there an area like that in HWS now, where PVE is more like firefall… i.e. the enemy is always attacking player territory and it’s a touch and go thing even with lots of people helping you?

prototype starter is rough. the planet kills u as well.

Ori was like that in Season 11, constant base attacks despite being close to a starting system… but now it sadly seems like all of the potentially hostile NPC factioned stuff on Ori was removed. I don’t know where such a place is currently; you need to find places with drone bases and the talon/polaris equivalent of drone bases.

bump…any more answers to this question? I got dumped into prototype starter(sector not planet) once by a game bug, it was an interesting puzzle to get out but not what i’m looking for in terms of simming Firefall