Supergate bug abuse

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What happened: We fighted Grandpa… / marius , paxxo , senor, hellblazer, i whas perm 400m behind Grandpa´s CV c7 he go to the supergate and can warp away with Sg:… wtf ? … i cant cause (its one in near message appears) one player means its glitching (fps drop -> posible to use it with spaming) …

Player(s) with issue: Senor


Time (cb:time): 17:45


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s): sg anti ba

How can we help you now:

idk… its glitch / bug abuse … and not fairplay anymore if that is posible… look in commando logs from FIN Grandpa on that time … idk if u can fix it … its rly mad…

by the way … some player Atm… knows that bug / glitch -.- … so no one report more so bad bugs or whats going on :frowning: ?

Honestly this seems a bit premature to say they they exploited a bug or glitch. What it looks like (to me) happened was they hit the zone before you when the server ticked and it didnt register you as close enough to interrupt it.

No ! i whas perm 400m behind him … + 3 ppl arround him … a guy write in chat its a glitch or exploit “fps” if you lower your Fps u can use Sg´s self with enemy arround u…

So it cant be that he was in the zone and you were not? As you stated, you were 400m behind him. How close you were to the supergate when he jumped? I dont know if the zone for detecting “others” is bigger than the jump zone. If you got video from it that would clarify alot and if you are accusing someone for using a bug/exploit for no reason i would say that is a no no.

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We whas 1km infront of the supergate (Both !)

and its if anyone is near 3k you or Supergate ! no one can warp cause “u are not alone message”

Well video or it didnt happen as paxxo likes to say :wink:

true next time :slight_smile:

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4 vs 1 and you cry, shame :rofl:

Ping for of all STOP Solve TICKETS u are member of FIN and no ADMIN ! … second Granpa shame on you for that Trick abuse … u SG:warped away with 3 ppl arround you 400m-2km … idk how u did it … @Rexxxus pls look Logs !!! its not ok and it will be good if its a Trick … he should report and make video how he did it cause its not Fairplay…

and we are 4 vs 1 how u warped away with supergate ??? explain …

Nothing wrong here. just Luck and being at the right time and the right place. Sorry

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