Supply package bug

PVE Server, at around 15:18 server time today I used fa:supply. The guide says I should also get an epic pistol with that but I didn’t. I only still had the ONE that I already had and used to get the 1 RP to get the package.

Also the fusion cells (not 100% sure, if I had OCD logs I could be 100% sure) and a few other items were missing. I had an entirely empty inventory aside from 1 epic pistol so there should have been enough room. Can this be fixed&looked into please?

Simple way to find out what items were missing:
I OCD-ed everything except the gold and the crystals and the LCD’s. Everything else that didn’t get OCD-ed must be missing.

I also suspect some crystals from being missing but cant’ tell for sure.

Could be not transferred from the other two servers :expressionless:
Should be up to date now.

Thanks glad it’s fixed.

Can I perhaps also request the epic pistol that was not in the supply package to be added to my inventory? I know I already have one but I wanted this one as a reserve in case I lose the other one and get down to 0 RP againa. Don’t want to spend another 30 hours of looking for one :stuck_out_tongue:

Done + X

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