Support Packages


I was wondering if support packages are accumulative, I bought the OCD level 5 package and the EB level 5 package. Does this mean that if I were to buy the HWS support package, the OCD and EB would accumulate making both packages level 8.



No. You only get the lvl you bought. The rest you have to work for :wink::wink:

Enjoy the server and thank you :blush:


Well that solves that.


You would still get the 10 do:bp and 10 do:re every season from the support package though, along with the getting your EGS Recycle to instant level 3 for that season.


How about buying another level 5 OCD package? Will it stack?


I am sry, but no.


Ok thanks. Trying to find the post where I saw Rex discuss with another player about it and it seemed like they could be stacked. I’ll try to find it and read it again.


It was this post I believe I misunderstood it. That’s why I asked before byuing it and why I was persistant.