Support Staff Update Request

@RexXxuS I know you’ve assaulted bases but you are now working at least two full time jobs AND trying to regulate gameplay issues. You’re going to burn yourself out man. As much as we all bitch we’re here because HWS is best game in town. You may consider expanding your support staff to lighten your load.

I think @hopscotch would be a good first candidate as he plays on West coast time (When you all sleep(if you ever do)) and is more or less neutral. He may not want the job but I think you should consider some sort of recruitment on a support staff basis. You’ve become that big now.


One day I might be important enough to spell my name right, @Obsey. That right there is goal enough for me to take the job. :joy:

Haha. #heartchu


I’m the only one that thinks this?


Carefull Spoiler :no_mouth:

thanks a lot for the request. The scotchy (or whatever his name was :wink:) is indeed an amazing help for longer now and perfect for NA time. Therefore a couple days ago we arranged him to be an admin… So your whish got fullfiled a little early :).
But Rex wanted to announce it properly with some other things, so a proper announcment will follow soon…

Who do you think sorts all your OCD stuff each night :grin: :sleeping:


OMG and to think I’ve spent so much time moving those things around, and we have HWS elves to sort it for us!!!


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