Support Ticket Note: the (flying) AI in Empyrion

Good Morning HWS Community,
since it comes up recently a lot I feel I have to make an announcement about it:
The Patrol Vessels or Freighter or Carrier or Drones or short: any AI in Empyrion MP is the most bugged thing ever. They suddenly jump or rubber band, they glitch through obstacles, they can force a crash for your game, they can become invisible, they shoot through things, they shoot earlier than you, they disappear without trace, they kill you unfair.

It’s not only for you frustrating to deal with it. The thing is we can’t just restore your structures after such fights easy peasy without a video, without proof of accidents / bugs. The dark area, the unknown things that happened, is too big.
Again, Reforged Eden had SP in mind and all the Carriers and Co. work in SP… but for MP the massive amount of them makes it dangerous and please be careful and make a video if you fear loss.
The more videos of such buggy fights we get, the higher the pressure and chance for me to be able to make it reproducible for Eleon, which then gets fixed.
Thanks for your understanding.