Supporter-planet question / 8.X Universe feedback

Can we choose pve space instead of being shoved into pvp space for our “supporter planet” ?



Hello @Mouse310

at the moment either your PvE planet goes in a PvP space or you have an own PvE Supporter Space without planets.

If the space is PvE and the planet PvE it would cause to much irritation and frustration if the “PvE” players raiding in PvP all the time but hide in their PvE palace.
Making the Space PvP gives at least a feeling of a better revenge (maybe not for you but in general).

Regarding PvE in general btw.:
Analyzing the last seasons I decided this time to have 3 Class 5 PvE Planets + 2 Class 4 planets for free for everyone.
Because for me PvE in MP got covered that way - hopefully:

  • you can build your dream base (and show it to others)
  • you can build your dream ships (and show it to others)
  • you still have Exploration of some PvE planets but
  • different than other servers or general gameplay, I rather go with a lot of Missions you can play. Each mission gives you Adventures and Exploration but does not cluster PvE worlds with structure stuff you don’t need anyways. Insane big universes or tons of PvE planets on other servers run sooner or later in 2 big problems: 1. there are not that many POIs you can place differently on all planets and 2. the performance in MP with all the unused vessels player spread left and right will ruin the fun in long term regarding disconnects or worse.

Only what’s left is to create way more missions - we are on it :slight_smile:

I think your wrong on a few points here,


There is next to no way to analyze the current map for any kind of foresight into the new map, 8.5 was a mess, so many problems, at times it was almost unplayable, yet we all survived it :slight_smile:


this statement below is an incorrect assumption

“If the space is PvE and the planet PvE it would cause to much irritation and frustration if the “PvE” players raiding in PvP all the time but hide in their PvE palace.”

This is wrong because if you live in PVE space and go do PVP, then your not a PVE player, your just hiding in PVE space, which you can do anyways, by living on an Origin planet or Mars or Earth for that matter, so it’s a thin statement at best in my view


Anyway you look at it, you forcing PVE players into PVP space and that I cannot play, So I looked long and hard at the new map, saw what I think would balance it better and corrected it, I also added a 2nd Donare system (PVE) please have a look:

( I moved the systems Atlantis & Binomi to PVE and put the Sathon and Jupidor in there place, I also balanced the warp lanes so everything is equal around the Homeword system, this to me is a more balanced map than the proposed one)

here is my version of the map:

I don’t expect this to considered, but I think it’s worth some effort to try and get you guys to see an alternative

thank you for your time


Good Morning @Mouse310

after a sleepless night and very long thoughts I reconsidered some things based on your words, thinking ahead in the coming season and all gameplay aspects of the new Commodity Trader, PvP “bigger picture” and spread of population.

But first of all I want to thank you a lot that you took the time and photoshopped very accurately your vision of the HWS universe! Not many would do it and shows that you at least made your thoughts about it as well! :slight_smile:

Now the things why I changed my initial universe layout below are

  • free PvE planets clustered in 2 orbits (Eden + Sanctuary) would become over time a stress to Clients while warping
  • advertising Commodity Traders also in PvE is better I think in the long run - giving me additionally a “legit” reason to make Atlantis and Binomi quite a PvE survival challenge and enjoying some special things in combination with that
  • More PvP playfields does not mean we have more PvP in the end. Rather just more empty playfields since the PvP focus is anyways on Homeworld, Golden Globe, Titan and Armageddon. 2/4 PvP playfields less seems about perfect because
  • looking at the overall numbers we have now 22 PvP and 32 PvE playfields. If you take away the starters and 2*2 Origin places because it’s only allowed for one, you have 22 PvP and 22 PvE with a nice balance (some offset included in favor of PvP)
  • There should be Class 3 PvE planets available for everyone
  • The SV warp from Cebo to Walla was replaced by a CV warp to make Pentaxid more viable
  • CV One Way warps got implemented from Atlantis + Binomi to Homeworld because we have to make sure that warping with K in PvP hotspot should not lead to PvE worlds they can hide easily

I have to rework some things I made already now but I think this should make things more fun, especially if PvP burns some player out as happen naturally.

Thanks again for your input Mouse :slight_smile:

Regarding your changed warp routes:
I couldn’t see a straight pattern why you want more CV warps in PvP in favor of “balance” but the last big HWS survey and PvP feedback was, that SV warp routes are just more favorited here

Regarding a PvE Donare System:
Maybe you see my point as “thin” and from a logical perspective you are right that it doesn’t matter if you hide in the Eden System or a PvE Donare System but learning from the past also showed that in the end it is different and players hiding in a PvE Donare System are claimed as pay to win cowards.

All lessons we had in 2,5 years HWS runtime :wink:

So here the reworked Universe is

Sorry to the guys who printed out the initial Universe already but I value constructive Community feedback a lot and hope this one fits overall better (more survival PvE was requested also from some others)

P.S.: Because I’ve heard it here and there as well

That is wrong! Already explained even here

I am just not a fan of “useless” or “because I can” PvE because then please play COOP / Singleplayer.
With Phoenix and our ECC Missions you can have even more fun in PvE and not touching PvP at all.
PvP just gives the edge regarding late game + more resources + more risk = more reward.
Just wanted to make that clear.

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The only thing i can suggest is to explain the supergates presence for better map reading.

Here my idea based on actual HWS 8.0 map

Sorry for my paint skillz :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be tons of Supergates… it would make the map too complicated / clustered.
It’s part of the adventure to find them (blue Admin Core = visible on the map)


TONS!!! :open_mouth:
My favourite transport method <3

Thanks os much! I thought a lot about Binomi. I haven’t liked the idea that we will have a cool swamp planet and we couldn’t play survival on it. I’m planning to start a naked survival on this planet.

One more thing. I’m not a PvP player, but you can put sun into PvP area, because PvP space stations needs more power. I don’t need turrets in PvE space on my base.

Hello I read all of above and had a couple of questions. Will there be taxes on the atlantis and biome system? Also will there be taxes on the sanctuary system? This is important to me because i think some PvE sectors other than ECC ended up with taxes towards end of season?

Also since i heard Phenix is setup to be accessable with only supergate would there possibly be supergates connecting lets say Atlantis-Eden or Sanctuary-Biomi?

Also with so many factions/players rushing ECC i could see drama involving the garage purchases. I would hope there would be a line etc. Also i am slightly confused on what each Line represents in the warping line part of the layout.

I was thinking that the - - - - - lines meant supergate warping between only those sectors? Which brings up another issue warpgate camping. I heard in previous patch notes about how some of the donare sectors are in fact only accessable thru supergates. Wondering how they tie in to each other and where does each location of supergate have a connection to?

Sorry for blotting out the sun in text but also was wondering how the portal system will work? As I’ve heard there are garage vehicles with portals on them. I heard they are 1 way from 1 destination to another but in a certain manner is there a limit to how many portal’s a faction/player can own? For instance could i have a portal cv in lets say Eden then a portal CV in lets say Golden Globe? Would i be able to use 1 to go to GG 1 to go to Eden? Also having to do with that factor would 2 factions “they would probably be alliance” Park 2 of these portal vessels by each other then put codes on both to lets say Traverse the galaxy?

In my honest opinion i think each faction should be allowed 1 portal vehicle per faction in total at a time “if lets say 1 is destroyed”. Also maybe that portals can only travel from pvp-pvp sectors/locations or PvE to PvE. In addition i think limitations should be set on such a powerful device by implementing a timer of lets say 30 minutes per useage of each player.

Example A: I personally have a portal device in Eden and my friend Joe has a Portal device in Biome. I portal to Biome then the 30 minute timer starts “or higher timer”. This is the tricky part because of the fact that some factions have so many members and some not so many
If a timer was made would it be based on the whole faction or just each member?

I could see this have been or being abused to the extent of lets say mining full inventory of gold and 1 of the 10 walk thru a portal then a guy on the other side walks thru a portal to return.

This then leads to my conclusion of Portals only functioning from PvE to PvE and PvP to PvP.

Also leads to the donator planet issue. A faction restricted planet if said was pvp could have said portals work? I think that would be to me very unfair to everyone even other donator planet factions.

I would think it could be fair to have portals from lets say Golden Globe to A sector space outside the super warp gate that leads to said donator planet. But if the donator planet is in fact setup for only warp gate access. Portaling to a area that is only accessable with super gate would to me bring up issues.

The Phenix/Titan issue. If it was legal would not the daring explorers that find/secure a foothold on Phenix setup a portal between it and Eden? I think that could defeat the purpose of its exclusive nature.

Which brings up another factor involving portals to me i think a distance allowed to portal should be implemented. So even if it could be pvp-pve the distance could be 50 AU or a version you’d like.