Survival scenario / suggestion

So I had a thought I want to throw out there, so here it is; if we could do more types of survival one that I would like to see is the drone base cited with an admin core (endless drones),. I think this would be a beneficial thing to have on all playfields, PvP and PvE, to force people to maintain their bases and vessels. Say someone throws up a base on PvE and dumps their partially demolished crap all over, wouldn’t drones be useful in this instance for naturally culling this never to be touched again garbage? If this were combined with option 3 sticky I think it would give people more inventive to keep up on bases, vessels, and clean up random crap on a playfield after a battle. Thoughts or suggestions?


This would help the entire server overall. It would help clean up junk people leave laying around… Like I do. Lol

I don’t know how much of a hit each structure taxes on the server, but if so this would keep all structures above ground, so no buried bases and everything can be attacked by the AI, unless it’s properly defended. If they could set the amount of drones to attack depending on the quantity/size of the base structure then that would be ideal. Those cored by the AI would despawn over time. Basically it would make players who live on PvE and fight PvP deal with the worry of still losing in a survival scenario. IMO the AI should be a lot more aggressive.

There is already a structure like this if i remember correctly.

Any idea if it will be with the new patch? The whole point of this is to make PvE more hostile to live in, planets and space. I want bases 50k+ out to deal with the potential of a fleet of drones (and the potential for said drones to be followed) to show up at times and attack wherever and whenever. Getting 250rp+ should be a struggle IMO, no matter the origin. Remembering the final days on 4.0 was a disaster, everybody was on PvE , planets were wiped in a few instances and nobody wanted to go PvP. Survival should have a chance of losing everything to either players or AI or both, depending on where you reside.

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